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ScoreTracker monitors your Credit Score, Auto Score, Insurance Score, and Hiring Risk Score
ScoreBuilder® shows negative items on your Credit Report and allows you to use Action Buttons to report inaccuracies directly with the financial institutions and creditors.
ScoreBoost lets you see how credit card spending and payments impact your score, so you know when to apply for a loan.
Here are some typical things members do:
  1. Add all their online banking accounts to Money Manager to get daily transactions and alerts.
  2. Link their mobile phone for important credit monitoring and bank account Alerts which contain Action buttons.
  3. Routinely use Action buttons for questions or to resolve issues.
  4. They stay protected with their $1 Million Fraud Insurance (may not be available with certain types of memberships.).
  5. Update their credit report and scores at least once a month.
  6. Update their 3B Report and Scores at least once per three months.
  7. Use ScoreTracker and ScoreBoost often.

You get your money, credit and identity in one interactive place. Other products provide read-only information and not everything is in one place.

Plus, you get ScoreTracker, ScoreBuilder® and ScoreBoost.

Use ScoreBoost to learn how your credit score can fluctuate up and down so rapidly.
Move the ScoreBoost dial to see how your credit score moves based upon payments or spending on your revolving accounts. Revolving accounts are mainly your credit cards. These accounts are the most volatile portion of your credit score and can change rapidly as your creditors or banks update your credit report monthly to reflect payments or spending
Use ScoreBoost to see your Future Credit Score.

Move the ScoreBoost dial to the right of your current score to see how your credit score may increase by making payments to your revolving accounts. Typically, your credit score will increase within 15 to 45 days after your payments post, providing you reach the recommended target statement balance and all else on you credit report remains normal.

ScoreBoost helps you plan spending on your revolving accounts by showing you the resulting decreasing in your credit score and when to pay those amounts to void any negative score impact.

Move the ScoreBoost dial to the left of your current score to see how spending on your revolving accounts will lower your credit score. Typically, your credit score will decrease within 15 to 45 days of that spending and all else on your credit report remains normal. Quickly pay the amounts you spend on your revolving accounts (i.e. within 10 days, but certainly before your monthly statement balance is generated by your credit or bank). This will help you avoid a decrease in your credit score, especially if you are applying or plan to apply for credit.

Check ScoreBoost often.

Use ScoreBoost to plan the best time to spend money.

Use ScoreBoost every time you get a relevant Alert from us or when you get your bank statement(s).

MOST IMPORTANTLY, use ScoreBoost before you apply for credit such as a credit card, auto loan, student loan, mortgage, small business loan or any other type of credit to ensure you're applying at your peak credit score.

ScoreBoost Disclaimer.

ScoreBoost uses the Vantage 3.0 Credit Score which was built by Experian, TransUnion & Equifax to compete with the FICO® Credit Score. ScoreBoost is a credit score simulator designed for educational purposes only. Results are not guaranteed. ScoreBoost shows possible outcome(s) of your credit score based upon certain actions you may optionally take that affect the statement balance reported by your creditor or bank. This is not credit repair and not subject to regulation under any Federal or State Credit Repair Organization Act.

You get your Credit Score, Auto Score, Insurance Score and Hiring Risk Index. Plus, you can optionally get all three of your credit scores from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax with your 3B Report and Scores.

Credit Score
Your Credit Score ranges from 300-bad to 850-excellent. This score is a general representation of what lenders use to determine credit risk and make credit granting decisions. Your Credit score is the Vantage 3.0 Credit Score jointly created by Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. It is the #1 competing credit score to FICO.
Auto Score
This represents your possible risk to an auto lender when purchasing or leasing a car.
Insurance Score
This represents your possible risk to an insurance company if they underwrite your insurance.
Hiring Risk Index
Many employers can view your credit report (not your credit score) when evaluating decisions to hire or promote. This Hiring Risk Index can help you beter prepare for when an employer may look at your credit report.

Your credit score is the Vantage 3.0 Credit Score jointly created by Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. It is the #1 competing credit score to FICO.

It is a new and innovative way to display your credit report. It is horizontal with a quick slide navigation system and it allows you to interact directly with your creditors by using Action buttons. It also has a zoom feature to see more credit details along with your daily transactions that ultimately comprise the information reported by a credit reporting agency. To receive the maximum benefit of your Smart Credit Report® make sure to add all your online banking accounts to Money Manager.

The data for the Smart Credit Report® is derived from TransUnion®.

No. Any update to your Smart Credit Report® or to your 3B Report and Scores is a personal inquiry or a "Consumer Inquiry." It does not appear on your credit report as a hard or soft inquiry and does not harm your credit score in any way.

If your membership provides the $1,000,000.00 Identity Fraud Insurance, it will have the following:

  • Zero Deductible
  • Covers your entire family residing in your household
  • Covers your Bank, Savings, Brokerage, Lines of Credit, Credit Card and more
  • Covers your cash out of pocket expenses incurred during your ID recovery
  • Covers your Credit Reports
  • Covers pre-existing Identity Fraud you didn't know about
  • Replacement costs due to stolen Driver's License
  • Replacement costs due to stolen Passport

Our Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement is provided under a Blanket Policy issued to ConsumerDirect, Inc®. by Voyager Indemnity Insurance Company, an Assurant Specialty Property company.

Please log in to your account and click on Alerts. There you will see a link to make a claim.

Use the Action buttons, located throughout the site, to communicate directly with your creditors for anything you need. With our Action buttons you can easily resolve credit report problems, report fraud, ask questions or inquire about a transaction or something you see on your credit report.

When a creditor replies to your Action request they may reply through our system which will then generate an Alert to you. Or, the creditor may reply directly to your home address. A creditor's reply may vary depending on the general responsiveness of the creditor and your Action request. Please allow reasonable time for your creditor(s) to respond to your Action(s).

A creditor may reply with acceptance, denial, counter-offer or request for more information. In some cases, a creditor may not respond at all. In such cases, multiple Actions may be required to get the result you desire. You have until midnight, pacific time, to cancel your Action. After which our system will automatically fulfill your Action request.

Action button disclaimer: Results from your Action(s) are not guaranteed. Delivery of your Action(s) to a creditor is not guaranteed. We do reserve the right to reject any of your Actions for unnecessary repetition, frivolous request or foul language.

Yes, your Actions go directly to your creditors. If your Action request is approved by your creditor, they will automatically update their records and the records they send to Experian, TransUnion or Equifax.

You will get various Alerts informing you of important changes to your Money and Credit. The Alerts are simple and well organized for you. They include Alerts about your Membership, credit report changes, identity theft, responses to your Actions and when payments are due on your Money Manager linked accounts.

Alerts are important and often time sensitive. We encourage you to activate Alerts on your phone for prompt delivery. This puts a button in your Alerts to remove possible identity theft via your mobile phone. Go to the Alerts Settings page and follow the instructions.

100% Alert notification is not guaranteed. Make sure Alerts are delivered to your email in-box. Check spam folders and remove spam filters if emails are not being received.

Link all of your online bank accounts, credit cards, loans and investment accounts to Money Manager. This lets you view individual transactions, monthly statements and payment due dates, updated every day and all in one place. Your monthly statement and individual transaction have Action buttons attached to ask questions or resolve issues such as reporting a fraudulent transaction.

Having all your money, credit and identity in one place is very simple and convenient, especially when you use the Action button.

You get even more with your Premium membership:

  • UNLIMITED updates to your Smart Credit Report®
  • UNLIMITED updates to your Scores
  • UNLIMITED Actions

Premium membership plans give you UNLIMITED access to all our product features and benefits. Some Premium membership plans may also include one or more updates to your 3B Report and Scores.

For your protection and the integrity of our product, you may be required to contact Customer Service to validate unusual and/or excessive update or Actions.

Please refer to the Membership Options page to see your available plans.

For Members, please log in to your account and click "Contact Us". There you can use our simple form which will help you contact us with your specific needs. For security purposes, we do not accept emails, so please use this form.

For all other questions, please contact us at (877) 771-4707.

You may cancel your Membership without any further obligation or cost to you. Canceling your Membership Account will immediately cease any additional charges. You may cancel your member here.

If you have a trial period, you may cancel your account within your trial period without any obligation or additional cost to you. To cancel your membership at any time, please click here and follow the cancellation procedures. During your trial period you will get full access to all the features of our product. However, the total number of Actions and Credit Score updates may be limited. After your trial period, your monthly Membership fees will be billed according to the Membership plan you have selected at enrollment. You may cancel and/or reactivate at any time. Your Membership fees are for your credit scores and credit monitoring; everything else is free, including Actions. In some cases, certain Apps or third party offers may present you with offers that may require a fee. You are under no obligation to accept them.

We have annual independent on-site audits to ensure we maintain the highest level of security. Your information is secured with the same 128-bit encryption used by leading companies, financial institutions and governments worldwide.

We are certified to an ISO 17799 standard. In addition, we employ an independent 3rd party to verify the safety and integrity of our data and systems daily.

We are PCI Level One DSS certified for safe processing of credit/debit transactions.